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Covid 19

2020 Pandemic: COVID-19

Coronavirus, COVID-19:

       Telemedicine video appointments are now available, call to ask for details.  Telephone conference calls are an option too. 

Click on the bell icon above for up to date information on COVID-19 and vaccines. 

Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services.  Latest News, Updates related to the Coronavirus in Nebraska.




2022 Monkeypox

The CDC is monitoring an outbreak of monkeypox that has begun to spread to people outside of Africa across several countries including the US where monkeypox is not usually seen.  Symptoms are similar to smallpox, but milder, and monkeypox is rarely fatal. Monkeypox is not related to chickenpox.  Click on the bell icon for more information from the CDC.


Our clinic develops an electronic newsletter which highlights relevant medical recommendations, provides health tips, and shares what is new in our office and reminders of the services we provide in our clinic.

During the 2020 COVID-19 Pandemic we have temporarily suspended our newsletter .  We plan resume publication in the future. 

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