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Our clinic provides the following special services not available in all primary care offices.  We have expanded our clinic into Suite F to provide special services.

We call this space our Family Wellness Clinic. 

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Family wellness

This wellness opportunity is available to our community and our patients. Customized patient information handouts can be created for you on a variety of health topics.

The following services and screening lab tests are available:

  • lipid profile - checks risk of heart attack and stroke

  • hemoglobin - checks for anemia

  • glucose - best drawn fasting or 2 hours after a meal

  • Hemoglobin A1c - 60-90 day average glucose level

  • Colon cancer stool test kit - everyone over 50 years needs annual screening.

  • FREE BMI assessment

  • FREE blood pressure check

Additional testing available:

  • hs-CRP - an inflammatory marker seen in heart disease

  • Testosterone - essential male hormone

  • PSA - prostate cancer test

  • TSH - thyroid level

  • Vitamin D - deficiency can affect bone health

  • Vitamin B12 - deficiency can lead to tiredness

  • ask about additional testing options 

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We provide medical care for children of all ages.

acute care clinic

The Acute Care Clinic (ACC) was opened in March of 2020 in response to the COVID-19 Pandemic.


This space provides a separate clinic area to see persons who are sick. Any patient with an acute upper or lower respiratory illness or persons with high risk exposure to the COVID-19 virus  will be seen in the ACC.  

Rapid COVID-19 testing (molecular) and PCR testing is available. 

Seasonal influenza testing. 

Healthy patients scheduled for routine medical care are seen in the main clinic. 


The ACC provides a separate clinic space to reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

The Acute Care Clinic will remain open during the pandemic and will reopen in future when there is community wide presence of a contagious viral illnesses.

1103 Galvin Road South, Suite F

Bellevue, NE  68005

Vaccinations are provided in our clinic.



Shingrix is given in the clinic to those patients wanting to prevent a painful shingles outbreak. Insurance preauthorization is recommended so ask for more information about starting this series.  


(tetanus and whooping cough) 

A medical office visit may be required for any injuries.


Walk in appointments are available.

Lab testing and blood draws are done in the clinic.

TB Testing


Group scheduling is available.  Call 402-292-1072 for more information.

No appointment is required for TB skin testing. 

Test must be read within 72 hours. 

Dr. Cervantes. Dr. LaSure. Carrie Juracek

family md access

Direct primary care services for participating members is available to Strada Healthcare members.

Strada members pay a monthly fee for special access to physicians and medical services with no additional copayments or charges for office visits and annual physical exams. 


Annual comprehensive lab testing is included in the membership.


This service model allows more time with your doctor along with convenient and easy access outside the doctor's visit (phone, secure text & email).

Click on the link below for more information about Strada Healthcare and direct primary care services .

Strada Healthcare:  Healthcare the way it should be.

We provide medical care to seniors.


Prolia injection is a treatment of osteoporosis and the  prevention of fractures due to thin bones.


Other treatment options are discussed and the best option is recommended for our patients. 


Lab testing (calcium and vitamin D) is an important part of the treatment plan.

Screening vitamin D testing is also available. 

We provide men's health services.
Healthy habits

Men's Health

Testosterone replacement therapy and management is available for men with low testosterone levels.  Routine general physical exams and cardiovascular risk assessment and testing is discussed and performed on site.



This specialized blood draw procedure is a treatment for medical conditions associated with excess levels of iron or red blood cells in the body.

We provide services for Bellevue Univerisity.

Health services

Welcome to Bellevue!

Our physicians provide healthcare services to the Bellevue University community.

Newly enrolled international students require TB testing and we provide this test to students. 


Click below for more info !


Download the form you need for select services.

We support the Bellevue University athletic teams.

Our physicians are available to provide acute and urgent medical care for the faculty & staff as well as the university students.


Physicals and chronic healthcare services can also be provided when FP Associates, P.C. becomes your new medical home.

We have a longstanding relationship with Belleuve University providing acute care and physical exams for the student & athletes and work closely with the Athletic Department.

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