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Patient portal

We invite you to create a portal account by clicking on a patient PORTAL button located anywhere in the website.


All we need is your e-mail address to activate your chart to build a secure healthcare account. 

Accessing your patient PORTAL account grants you special access to many convenient features. 


PORTAL account features:

E-mail appointment reminders.

Schedule appointments.


Update your information

in My Profile.

Review lab results & 

Receive/Send  messages

in My Messages.

  Review account balance and start payment options

in Billing.

How to sign up

Click any PORTAL button.

Sign in at Portal Login:

Enter User ID (Email) and

enter a temporary password.

New Patients:

Create a password.

Choose a security question.


Already registered?

Select Forgot your password? to request a new password.


Call the office and we will be happy to assist you sign up or reset your password for you.

Inform the office if you prefer not to receive PORTAL messages from the office but still want to receive access for remainder calls and other features. 

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